Distinctive Concepts – Each Floor of The Livery on Main is Unique

The 22,000 square foot project, The Livery on Main, will bring to Sebastopol a unique building model with distinctive concepts on each of its three floors. The Registry article, “The Beale Group Envisions Community Revitalization through Sebastopol’s The Livery on Main,” does a great job of describing what will make each floor special and unique.

“The first floor, The Stables, embodies the idea of a real livery. Visitors will be able to enjoy The Livery on Main’s dining hall experience on this floor, which also houses the chefs’ kitchens. Dine-in and curbside pick up will also be available for patrons. According to Klein, chef licensees will serve a number of cuisines to guests, who can then travel to the second level.”

“The second level features The Loft, which will feature an entertainment venue, as well as a party room and a bar lounge dubbed The Farriers. With seasonal specialty drinks and local, sustainably sourced food, the team’s goal is for The Farriers to be a neighborhood speakeasy. The chefs at The Stables— including Charro Negro, Village Bakery, Cozy Plum and Taverna Lithi—will be able to cater events on both the second and third levels, creating a “symbiotic relationship,” according to Klein.”

“The third floor, aptly named The Rafters, can be used as a flex venue and rooftop garden space for guests. Initially, the entertainment venue was to be located on the rooftop level, which proved to be a challenge for the team.”

Check out the full article in The Registry for even more interesting info HERE.

CoWork at The Livery

The Livery CoWork is now accepting membership applications. The “work from home” honeymoon is over!

We’ve got a variety of options for everything from hot-seat desks and focus rooms to dedicated office spaces for teams of up to three people. All offer sit-stand desks, high-speed internet, access to free public parking, front desk support, community support and networking, bottomless coffee and tea, and 8 hours per month of conference room credits. Here’s a video of our team assembling swanky new focus room pro models from ROOM.

The Livery CoWork is the first phase of The Livery on Main campus in Downtown Sebastopol and is under the umbrella of our Farm to Coast Collective—a public benefit corporation with a mission to socially and economically empower small businesses.  The Livery on Main, a multi-level food hall and small event space, will open in late 2022.

Learn more, book a tour, or apply for a CoWork membership here.

Licensee Spotlight: Dino Moniodis of Taverna Lithi

Taverna is a small Greek restaurant. The word is taken from taberna, meaning “shop,” which is derived from the Latin word tabula, meaning “table.” Lithi is a fishing village on the Greek island of Chios in the Mediterranean where Chef Dino Moniodis was raised and it’s a tradition to sit by the beach and order meze, or small plates of savory snacks.

After honing his skills working in family tavernas during years of summer visits to Chios and studying at the SRJC culinary program, Dino has been wowing lovers of Greek cuisine with his Petaluma-based food truckand Greek pizzeria Zimi on Mission in Santa Rosa.

With Taverna Lithi at the Livery on Main, Dino will bring a taste of the Greek Islands to Sebastopol. Meze will be the focus of Taverna Lithi’s menu, including a Greek salad, dip platter with tzatziki, a tasty yogurt and cucumber sauce, hummus, skorthalia, a Greek garlic mashed potato dip, and kalamata olives, all served with freshly made pita bread.

Meet Dino and learn more about Taverna Lithi in a behind-the-scenes video.

Learn more about investing in our restaurant licensees on our Wefunder site.

Food Hall Model Is The Future Of Food And Beverage

Even in pre-pandemic times, restaurants in Sonoma County and across the nation were facing staffing shortages and re-examining their business models.

Start-up and marketing costs for a stand-alone brick and mortar can be prohibitive, and the increasing cost of labor can easily make business unsustainable. Although talented and passionate, chefs may not have the expertise needed to start and run a successful business. The costs associated with marketing can be exorbitant. In addition, generating new business can take an immense amount of effort.

The “Independent Restaurant” has revealed itself as one of the enterprises most vulnerable to the challenges of this [COVID-19] crisis; both because of the obvious impact of shutdowns and social distancing, but less obvious, because the traditional independent restaurant financial model was flawed to begin with.*

The low cost to staff 350 SF of space and a condensed menu allows vendors to work economies of scale.  This low-cost alternative also has significantly higher profit margins, typically between 15-20% for the vendor compared to restaurants which often struggle to reach 10% profit.*

Large swaths of the independent restaurant community are going to need a rebuilding mechanism; one with lower inherent risks for all, a better operational model that allows for higher profit margins, and low barrier-to-entry. Food halls will be where the industry rebuilds first.*

The Livery on Main addresses many of the obstacles that small restaurant operators come up against by boosting the cost-effectiveness of the food hall with Farm to Coast Collective’s unique shared services model. Restaurant licensees will pay one fee for marketing, back of the house services, HR support, purchasing, and more.

Learn more about investing in our restaurant licensees on our Wefunder site.

*Source: Cushman & Wakefield The Food Hall Model, Independent F&B’s Pathway to Post-COVID-19 Profitability

Meet Lead Investor Amy Truong

Amy Truong is the lead investor in Farm to Coast Collective’s The Livery on Main. Amy is a Business Analytics Consultant in the pharmaceutical industry and a resident of Sebastopol where she lives with her husband and two young kids.

What made Amy want to invest in Farm to Coast Collective? Amy explains, “I chose to invest in Farm to Coast Collective because I share the vision of the company and want to see the Livery project succeed. The Livery is a project that will enhance the community of Sebastopol in multiple ways. It will facilitate being able to connect and build community through food, work, and shared experiences. At its core, the Livery aims to create a place for people to gather and connect, whether through shared meals in the food hall or a shared experience in the event space. As a mother of 2 young kids, sometimes finding a place to eat that suits both my husband and me along with the kids can be a challenge. The food hall concept, where multiple food options are available, is very attractive. In addition, the Livery will provide another co-working space for the community. As an independent consultant and remote worker, having a place where I can go to connect with others is desirable and currently, limited options are available within the town.”

Read more about what compelled Amy to invest in Farm to Coast Collective’s The Livery on Main on our Wefunder page HERE.

See you at the movies!

Proud to sponsor the 15th Annual Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival

SDFF2022 logo

While talented chefs will create culinary works of art in The Stables at The Livery on Main, visual arts will inspire us and feed our souls.  We’re looking forward to featuring the works of a wide variety of local artists throughout the Livery campus.

For now, we’re thrilled to help support the 2022 Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival. Now in its 15th year, the SDFF has garnered national and international recognition. In 2020 the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences named SDFF a Qualifying Festival for the Documentary Short Subject category. This means that recipients of the SDFF Jury Award for Short Subject and Jury Award for Mini-Doc are now eligible for consideration in the Documentary Short Subject category of the Academy Awards® without the standard theatrical run, provided the film otherwise complies with the Academy rules. That’s quite an honor for our little home-town event!

The 2022 Film Festival takes place March 24-27 streaming and live at various venues throughout Sebastopol’s downtown. The Livery CoWork at 6940 Burnett Street will host a drop-in “Hot Spot” lounge on Saturday, March 26th from 10am to 4pm for filmmakers and filmgoers. Show your SDFF ticket or pass and you’ll have access to our new CoWork space, including highspeed wifi, goodies from The Village Bakery, and beverages during the lounge.

So, if you haven’t snagged your tickets yet, check out the lineup and get them here.  You might even be among the first to see a future Academy Award® winner!

Learn About The Livery History From Sebastopol Museum


Mary Dodgion at The Western Sonoma County Historical Society’s – West County Museum has provided the following history on our little corner of Downtown Sebastopol.

The earliest information of the lot location, and I emphasize “location” because most articles or business advertisements do not give an address, but a location.  Many say “South Main and Burnett.” Most of them don’t give much help, was it on the west side or east side – north or south of?  What is helpful are photographs that include business signs and the building designs.  Plus, we use newspaper stories to piece this information together.

The following is a pictorial review of the occupants who owned and worked at 135 South Main, Sebastopol.

135 S. Main Street

A HOTEL  –  1906-1919

In 1906, the Analy Hotel was moved from the corner of Main and Bodega, where the Abacus Wealth Partners is located. This was the third location for the hotel in Sebastopol. It began as a residence, then dance and meeting hall and then the new owner, Mayor J.B. Loser in 1906, turned it into a successful hotel, bar, and restaurant. It was razed in 1919 for the “betterment of progress”.

A GARAGE  –  1922-1963

This building was built from the ground up in 1922 and the Fellers and Hillard Garage was the first business to move in. It was accommodated with all the modern necessities of a garage. The sign on the building helped us nail down the location. It was on the north east corner of Main and Burnett – right where the Livery on Main building is. Also, the building design will be helpful in later photos. In the early 1930’s, the Sebastopol Garage owned by John J. Jones, Harry J. Hutton & and Elmo E. Jones, occupied that space. There was a succession of owners with the same business name until 1963.

JOE’S BUDGET STORE  –  1963 – 1977

Joe Giammanco operated Joe’s Budget Shop from 1963 until 1977 at this location. This was his third business location in Sebastopol. In his younger years he was an opera singer with the San Francisco Opera Co, and others. Many local folks remember him bursting out in song as he sliced them a generous pound of salami. He used Burnett Avenue as the front door, with the address as 6940 Burnett Street, but as you see it is the same building. This photo was taken in 1977 before the building was about to be demolished.

ROUND TABLE PIZZA  –  1979-2013

Raymond Fiori purchased the empty lot in 1979 with hopes of a new location for a Fiori’s Restaurant which didn’t become a reality. Then Peter Singler, from Occidental, purchased it in 1982 for his Round Table Pizza Restaurant, relocating from its Healdsburg Avenue location that year.  The new two story building also housed these businesses from 1982 –2019: the Video Vendor, Sonoma Title, Benson Optical, First Security and Sonoma West Times.  Coincidentally, Round Table Pizza is now at its third location in Sebastopol on Gravenstein Hwy. So.

The Livery team thanks Mary and the dedicated museum volunteers for helping to keep history alive in our sweet little town.

The museum’s current exhibit happens to cover the automotive businesses in Sebastopol from 1900 to today.  Since the site of The Livery has been a garage in the past, it is included in their historical look at those businesses. The Museum is open Saturday and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. where visitors can take a look at Sebastopol as they might remember it. The museum is located at 261 South Main Street, next door to the Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce and across from the Post Office. 

The museum notes that they do the best with what they know.  Please contact the museum with your questions or requests at 707-829-6711. 

Meet Our New Food & Beverage Director Nick Izzarelli

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve brought Nick Izzarelli on board as our new Food & Beverage Director. Nick was born and raised right here in Sebastopol and has twenty years of experience opening and managing restaurants. During the building phase, Nick is helping us fine-tune the layouts of our kitchens and restaurant spaces and developing all of the restaurant operations systems. Once we open, he’ll be working directly with licensees. Read the full press release here.

Did You Catch Our Virtual Town Hall?

On August 19, 2021, The Beale Group team held the first in a series of virtual Town Halls to familiarize the community with Farm to Coast at the Livery on Main.

Team members introduced themselves and shared an overview and timeline of the new gathering space taking shape in Downtown Sebastopol, California. The multi-story food hall, co-working hub and event center is slated to open in autumn, 2022.

Six restaurant licensees whetted appetites with their concepts for their small business ventures in the first-floor food hall known as The Stables. Joining in were Charles and Lisa White from Cozy Plum Bistro — delicious plant-based food, Dino Moniodis and Sarah Kenney from Taverna Lithi — a taste of the Greek Islands, Derek and Megan Harn from Lunchbox Sonoma, Patrick Lim and Teresa Gentile from Village Bakery, and Rodrigo Mendoza from Charro Negro.

Watch the full Town Hall video here.

Email us at [email protected] with any questions.

Find out about being part of our local startup through crowdfunding at wefunder here.