Meet Lead Investor Amy Truong

Amy Truong is the lead investor in Farm to Coast Collective’s The Livery on Main. Amy is a Business Analytics Consultant in the pharmaceutical industry and a resident of Sebastopol where she lives with her husband and two young kids.

What made Amy want to invest in Farm to Coast Collective? Amy explains, “I chose to invest in Farm to Coast Collective because I share the vision of the company and want to see the Livery project succeed. The Livery is a project that will enhance the community of Sebastopol in multiple ways. It will facilitate being able to connect and build community through food, work, and shared experiences. At its core, the Livery aims to create a place for people to gather and connect, whether through shared meals in the food hall or a shared experience in the event space. As a mother of 2 young kids, sometimes finding a place to eat that suits both my husband and me along with the kids can be a challenge. The food hall concept, where multiple food options are available, is very attractive. In addition, the Livery will provide another co-working space for the community. As an independent consultant and remote worker, having a place where I can go to connect with others is desirable and currently, limited options are available within the town.”

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