Get To Know Goldfinch At The Livery!

Get to know Goldfinch, a Livery-related venture, and forthcoming restaurant that will be part of our developing food hall.

Hear from Sonoma Magazine about what they’re up to and just who’s cooking up great things in the kitchen! 

Plus, check out the official press release better introducing this crew to our amazing town.

A Successful Speaker Event And Interesting Findings!

We have been absolutely thrilled to host our third Thursday speaker series for the past several months!

Most recently, we had the honor of hearing from our guest speaker, Tyler Suchman, for this month’s lecture on SEO and the fundamentals of organic search in today’s uber tech world.

With a great turnout, incredible knowledge-sharing, and listening to community, Tyler uncovered some pretty interesting details. So much so, that he’s been led to write his very own blog entry to summarize and point us all in a better direction for the sake of our business vitality.

Check out the article and let us know if you learned anything new!

The Livery CoWork Grand Opening Celebration!

Last week we partnered with the Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center to officially launch the Livery CoWork with a Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening celebration. We took advantage of the great weather (not too hot, not too cold) to turn the outdoor patio into a festive space for our gathering. Friends new and old joined us to take in live music, local wines and cider, tasty bites from Goldfinch, our upcoming freestanding restaurant opening later this year, and meet the Goldfinch crew (Nick, Deanna, Rodrigo and Chris). Guests took self-guided tours of the CoWork space, checked out our ROOM focus rooms and soundproof “phone booths, view the many new art installations, and even chat with several of the artists. It really felt good to connect with our community and we’re looking forward to more to come!

Get To Know Our Process For Design-Build Construction

Did you know that The Livery is being designed and constructed using a Design-Build project delivery method? To be honest, I had never heard of the Design-Build method when I first joined The Beale Group family of companies back in 2017, but now that I’m aware of its existence, I can’t imagine doing construction projects any other way! Allow me to explain…


In a traditional method (Design-Bid-Build), the process is separate and linear. A homeowner or business owner has a project in mind. She hires an architect to develop the design and produce construction drawings in order to get a building permit. Along the way, she may be surprised to find out that she needs to hire separate outside third parties – engineers, energy consultants, septic consultants, land surveyors – just to get a full set of plans to obtain a building permit. The architect does their work, then it goes to the engineer to react. If changes are needed, the plans go back to the architect for revisions. Same with the other third parties – each one is reacting separately to the others’ work – their reactions impacting the project as a whole which often results in unforeseen additional fees for revisions plus additional time.


Once the construction drawings are complete and the project is permitted, the drawings are then sent out to multiple general contractors for competitive bids. It is only then that the homeowner or business owner gets feedback on the cost of construction. Let’s face it – many projects stall out at this point due to sticker shock. Unfortunately, the architect and other third parties may be required to make changes to the drawings if value engineering is desired, bringing the cost of the design up even further and adding even more additional time.


Another drawback to the Design-Bid-Build method is that the homeowner/business owner is working with multiple separate entities with no single responsible party. When something goes wrong, separate parties may point fingers at each other, and, unfortunately, it can get very messy very fast.


In a Design-Build method, the process is much more integrated and streamlined. A homeowner or business owner has a project in mind. She hires a Design-Build firm to design and build her project – and that firm is the single responsible party for the project. The Design-Builder’s first step is to identify her goals and do the work to determine the feasibility of the project. They research the property thoroughly to determine obstacles and opportunities due to zoning, setbacks, existing septic and well conditions, prior permitting history and other factors. In-house and third-party engineers, energy consultants, septic consultants, soils engineers, land surveyors, etc. are all part of the cohesive team and managed by the Design-Builder. Because design and construction acts as a unified team, all parties are engaged and collaborating with their client and each other from the very beginning, allowing for greater efficiency. It also allows for the construction team to give design feedback and provide budgetary information very early on – shortly after the feasibility and schematic design phases are complete. Since it is so early in the process, if the initial budget numbers are high, it is very easy to make changes to bring the costs down prior to moving into the Design Development and Construction Drawings phases. Once the construction drawings are complete and the permit is acquired, the Design-Builder can get right to work on the construction.


The Design-Build method requires high levels of trust between the homeowner/business owner and the Design-Builder. Building and maintaining that level of trust often pays off in less cost, less time and better outcomes than a traditional Design-Bid-Build method.


If you are considering a large remodel, addition or ground up construction project and want to explore the Design-Build method, please feel free to contact Builders’ Studio of Sebastopol & Thrive Construction Group at 707-827-9600. Not only are they the Design-Build team on The Livery Project, they also design and construct residential projects throughout Sonoma County.


Check Out The Livery CoWork’s New Community Table!

Last week, we received our custom table, created by local craftsman Osha Levgin.

Osha milled this wood from a redwood tree that once grew on Mill Station Road. Beautiful!

Plus, we are expecting plants for the planter box (as well as all throughout the CoWork) sometime in the next week. Stay tuned for a view of our soon oasis coming from the amazing local plant shop, Flourish.

So much will be in bloom around here and it’s all exciting stuff!


Our New CoWork Facility Debuts In Sebastopol!

Have you been wondering what we have to offer? We’ve got an answer to your curiosity! This Thursday, May 26 from 5:30–8:30PM, come join us for our Grand Opening at The Livery CoWork!

This grand opening, ribbon-cutting, and collaborative mixer with @sebastopolchamber, is a not-to-miss event. Featuring a menu of great eats and drinks, we’d love to see you there.

Swing by 6940 Burnett Street for a first look with good company! 

Plus, check out our latest press with Sebastopol Times right here!


Redeem A Free Day Pass With Our Coffee x CoWork May Promo!

Livery CoWork is partnering with Retrograde Coffee Roasters for the month of May.

At The Livery, we’re all about community!  We’re excited to announce a special program with our friends at Retrograde Coffee Roasters.

Hard-working coffee (and tea) lovers who spend $20 at Retrograde during the month of May can get one free Day Pass to use The Livery CoWork just steps away at 6940 Burnett Street.

Day Pass users will have access to high-speed fiber internet, sit-stand hot desk, indoor lounge area and balcony, kitchen, and individual phone booth (when available). It’s a great way to get acquainted with the new space and knock out a little work or study in the process.

The fine print:  Free Day Pass must be accessed at cowork.livery135.com using a discount code provided with a $20 or higher purchase at Retrograde through May 31. Discount code is valid for 30 days from date of purchase.  May not be combined with any other offer.

$20 Retrograde purchase must be made in one sale. Limit one per customer. May not be redeemed for cash. Day Pass use is limited to Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Meet Our Founder, Gregory Beale

Greg was recently profiled on Northbay Biz’s Beyond the Boardroom column. We learned a few things about our founder and CEO that even we didn’t know!

Writer Frank Sumrall asks some intriguing questions giving you a look at the person behind The Livery on Main and the Beale Group family of interconnected businesses. Some of the fun facts you’ll discover about Greg include how he spent his summers as a kid, his junk food vice, his favorite Olympic sport, what absolutely bores him, and more. “If someone asked you to describe yourself as an animal, what would you say?“ Frank asked Greg just that and his answer is surprising.

Check out the full profile in Northbay Biz HERE.